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The Naked Gunner Bombing of Darwin WWII Tours and Cruises

Australia’s Frontline: WWII

See where the infamous story of the legend Wilbert “Darkie” Hudson aka the Naked Gunner took place during World War II through one of our three Bombing of Darwin tours. Learn more about his story of mateship, courage and bravery and the inspiration of our Australian-made gin “The Naked Gunner”. This is a story that needs to be told. Only three per cent of Australians know the true extent of the Bombing of Darwin where more bombs were dropped and ships sunk than at Pearl Harbour!

Flavours of the Top End Saltie Gin GINNIC Tour

Gin + Picnic = GINNIC

Sense the extraordinary flavours of Darwin through our popular Saltie Gin. To further enhance that experience, indulge that special someone with a gourmet beach Gin + Picnic = GINNIC, where the tide decides the destination, which may be Cullen Bay’s Sandbar with the setting sun, Mica Beach with a full moon rising, or some other special destination onboard a twilight cruise. Includes a delicious gourmet grazing platter + Saltie Gin.

Fannie Bay Whisky Darwin Harbour, Fannie Bay, East Point Cruises

Darwin Harbour Highlights

Experience the beautiful Darwin inner suburb of Fannie Bay from the serene surrounds of Darwin Harbour. This is where, in 1919, Ross Smith landed the first aircraft to fly from England to Australia in less than 30 days. You will see East Point Reserve, home to the Military Museum and gun emplacements from the Second World War; and learn more about the tales of the two Fannys from opposite sides of the country, the namesakes of our celebratory whisky, a shipwreck and a beautiful opera singer.

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Sea Darwin Harbour Cruises and Tours

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There is so much more to see year-round within the tropical, Darwin city seascape. Enjoy our exquisite sunsets with delicious fish ‘n’ chips and hear the fascinating stories of our harbour.

Our popular Turtle Tracks is a sunset odyssey for those with a spirit of adventure, and we also offer a host of special seasonal events and charters that include a Nauti Pub Crawl, Reef Walk and Snorkel, Mud Crab Masterclass and our special Sundowner Cruises.