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Naked Gunner Gin

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The Gin:

  • 700 mls
  • 58% Navy Strength Gin: 32 standard drinks in the bottle
  • A classic old school juniper gin
  • Australian bush, crisp, clean flavour
  • Notes of spicy piney juniper, spicy citrus & eucalyptus
  • Distilled by Simon Brooke-Taylor of Hurdle Creek Distillery

The Story:

Mateship, bravery and the Top End are what legends are made of, and The Naked Gunner (aka Wilbert “Darkie” Hudson, who was a gunner with the Australian Army, stationed in Darwin, during World War II) embodies all of these elements.

Sea Darwin is paying tribute to Darkie and his role during the Bombing of Darwin, with the release of Australian-made gin “The Naked Gunner”.  It is a story that needs to be told. Only three per cent of Australians know the true extent of the Bombing of Darwin - there were more bombs dropped and ships sunk than at Pearl Harbour! 

On the morning of February 19, 1942, Darkie was in the shower when air raid sirens sounded: Japanese planes were dropping bombs on Darwin, bringing the war to Australian shores. Darkie leapt out of the shower, wrapped a towel around himself, pulled on his boots and hat, and ran to the gun site. He propped his weapon on his mate’s shoulder and began firing, his towel dropping to the ground. Darkie shot down a Japanese dive bomber, with his friends later teasing him about whether he shot down the plane or the pilot saw him naked and died of fright!  Read the full story here..


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